SA Constitution (all languages)


South Africa's Constitution, adopted in 1996, is seen as one of the most progressive in the world. There are some questions in the country about some clauses. The one clause that seems to be a problem for many is the property clause. Some people also think that the Constitution was too much of a compromise with the previous government. They think it should be changed or scrapped and rewritten.

Perhaps, though, we have not tested the Constitution properly. Perhaps it can be used more powerfully to achieve our social justice goals. It is important to read it and know it and then to see how to get maximum benefit out of its clauses.

We have included the Consitution in all official South African languages. We have also included posters of the Bill of Rights (Chapter 2 of the Constitution) in all official languages. There is also an easy version of the Constitution for learners (only in English at this stage). These can all be downloaded and saved on your phone or your computer for future use and for printing out.