United Against Corruption: No Reconciliation with Corruption

In the face of the shocking dismissal of the Finance Minister, and the cover-ups being forced upon including the South Africa Airways fleet purchasing crisis, the secret R1 Trillion Nuclear Energy Deal with Russia, the dubious terms of the China-SA Investment programme, and the Presidential luxury jet fiasco, the United Against Corruption campaign says Enough is Definitely Enough!

The events of the last few days, have seriously imperilled the South African economy, and the possibility of ever addressing the desperate needs of poor communities. They are part of a growing list of corruption scandals and cover-ups, including Nkandla, that if not addressed will undermine our democracy in favour of a kleptocracy. Staying silent is not an option!

The United Against Corruption campaign calls on all of those organisations and individuals who are opposed to corruption, to do more than mourn and moan but instead to mobilise.

 No Reconciliation with Corruption: Build a Bridge for Peoples Power!

On Wednesday 16th December (Reconciliation Day) from 10am to 12noon, we are calling all those who want to see an end to corruption, to gather on Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg.  The bridge is a symbol of the values of our first democratic President. We intend to gather on it in large numbers, to tell the leaders of our country, in no uncertain terms, that we want to see an end of corruption, and those who perpetuate it!

It is time the people of this country, including the millions who voted for the ANC, to step out of the shadow of fear and patronage. Corruption is not just ruining our economy, and the life chances of millions of our people, but is also undermining the values and sacrifices made by Mandela, Tambo, Hani, First, Slovo and the countless lesser known activists in townships and poor communities who sacrificed everything for democracy. 

Corruption Out Of Government: No Reconciliation With Corruption!

It is time to reject the corruptive cancer at the core of government. Those inside and outside of the ANC must now publicly demand that President Zuma vacates his office without delay, and take with him all those who are part of his corruptive network in government, in state owned enterprises and in business. All those who have corrupted our society must be ready to face criminal investigation! Our democratic society is in mortal danger!

Come and link arms on Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg on No Reconciliation with Corruption Day, Wednesday 16th December from 10am – 12noon : Called by the UAC.

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United Against Corruption