Should there be more nuclear energy in South Africa's future?

The South African United National Anti-nuclear Mobilisation Initiative (TSUNAMI) is calling for organisational support for their anti-nuclear campaign.

In their media, they note that plans are underway to spend about one trillion (one thousand billion) rand on a nuclear energy future for South Africa.

Nuclear, they say, is unsafe, expensive (electricity prices will double yet again), does not create many local jobs, does not assist with climate change, releases radioactive materials into our homes and workplaces, takes between 10 and 16 years to build, and leaves behind dangerous waste that lasts for thousands of years.

Email with the name and email of the relevant person in your organisation and TSUNAMI will keep them up-to-date with information and developments in the campaign.

Those who want to know more can also go to the NuclearFreeSouthAfrica page on Facebook.

NO to uranium mining, nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons and nuclear waste!
YES to socialised, localised, job-creating, clean, safe and cheap renewable energy!