Fight for Police Stations in Informal Settlements

Communities demand police stations in the fight against crime in their communities.

Community members of an informal settlement Masiphumelele in the Western Cape came in numbers demanding the establishment of a permanent police station which they were promised ten years ago. South African Police Service Provincial Head of Communication Brigadier Potelwa said they were looking into the placement of a mobile police station which will serve approximately 26 000 of the residents. However, they have said that they will establish the mobile station when 'it is safe to do so' which community members have challenged, saying that if it is not safe for the SAPS, how much less safe it is for ordinary community members. In addition, Masiphumelele residents argued that a mobile police station will be under staffed which will lead to maladministration and the delay of justice. The mobile police station would also result in reduced police presence.

Community members of an informal settlement - Diepsloot in Gauteng - have also been waiting for the establishment of a permanent police station for four years now. The lack of police presence has resulted in a lot of atrocities in the community including a high number in child rape cases. The community has allocated block leaders to deal and resolve petty crimes but this is not enough.